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Triss Merigold by celestial-insanity Triss Merigold :iconcelestial-insanity:celestial-insanity 13 0 Yennefer of Vengerberg by celestial-insanity Yennefer of Vengerberg :iconcelestial-insanity:celestial-insanity 9 0 Enlight by celestial-insanity Enlight :iconcelestial-insanity:celestial-insanity 9 4 Still Life I by celestial-insanity Still Life I :iconcelestial-insanity:celestial-insanity 2 1 Johnny by celestial-insanity Johnny :iconcelestial-insanity:celestial-insanity 7 1 Anatomy of a model by celestial-insanity Anatomy of a model :iconcelestial-insanity:celestial-insanity 4 5 Velen - The Inn at the Crossroads by celestial-insanity Velen - The Inn at the Crossroads :iconcelestial-insanity:celestial-insanity 2 2 The Bloody Baron by celestial-insanity The Bloody Baron :iconcelestial-insanity:celestial-insanity 16 0 Compassion Details by celestial-insanity Compassion Details :iconcelestial-insanity:celestial-insanity 3 2 Compassion by celestial-insanity Compassion :iconcelestial-insanity:celestial-insanity 10 7
ME Questions, Questions... 4
Shepard's at it again…
Who would you most like to imprison on this ship?
Joker: You didn't turn on the intercom while I wasn't looking, did you?
No, Joker.
[checks anyway] Huh. Okay. Another one of your crazy question times, I guess? [sighs] So what do you mean by imprison, exactly? Drag into a cell, lock 'em in, throw away the key?
More or less. Maybe just for a day, though. For fun.
'For fun.' [snorts] Yeah right . . . [thinks] Udina. Asshole.
On this ship, Joker . . .
Oh hell no. I'm keeping quiet there, ma'am. You never know who's listening. [mouths "Jack."]
Kaidan: [Narrows his eyes, glances up and to the left, and then looks at the Commander with a puzzled expression.]I'm sorry, ma'am, but I don't think that I understand the question here . . .
It's simple: imagine we have a cell block here, on the Normandy – w
:iconcelestial-insanity:celestial-insanity 5 7
The Deadly Trombone by celestial-insanity The Deadly Trombone :iconcelestial-insanity:celestial-insanity 12 18
DA2: A Guide to Frollicking
The smelly, smoke-filled rooms of the Hanged Man were okay places to hold private discussions if you could find a table distant enough from the drunken rabble – and if you were like Varric and you owned a room in the back, then it was the best place. "I'm not asking for much," he said, staring calmly at elf on his left. "Just between friends."
"My friends normally give me something for my trouble," Athenril stated, matching his gaze with a coolness that he suspected had gotten her past many deals of her own. One didn't become a smuggler without the tools of the trade. Her straight brown hair was pulled into a high ponytail on the crown of her head and her leather armor had been carefully cleaned before coming in. He could still smell the saddle-soap even over the wafts of smoke from the common area outside. The details told him a lot, but the overarching theme of it all was this: she thought that by dressing sharp, she would be considered as more of a client than thug fo
:iconcelestial-insanity:celestial-insanity 0 2
2010 Summary of Art by celestial-insanity 2010 Summary of Art :iconcelestial-insanity:celestial-insanity 2 19 Clarinet DETAILS by celestial-insanity Clarinet DETAILS :iconcelestial-insanity:celestial-insanity 6 34
The Sky Arch
As far as Linea knew, the Sky Arch had always been there up in the clouds, its glimmering white stone exterior towering over the small island village of Ashur. The rocks glinted in the light, see, like tiny diamonds or… or maybe even something more pretty than that. It was God Rock, that was. Impervious to anything they threw at it, commanding respect through its presence. They didn't try too hard, though, and it was easy to see why:
It was beautiful. Why would they destroy such beauty?
And it was useful, something that, while the pages and the scribes wrote about its allure, did not escape the explorers and so-called peace-keepers of the land. Ashur was its own little island colony, drifting out in the vast sea. They hadn't had visitors for a long time, and their only means of food were the large schools of edible fish that gathered near the coral reefs. When the Sky Arch had appeared, they were struck dumb.
It happened in a blaze of light on a summer's day. No, really, it's tr
:iconcelestial-insanity:celestial-insanity 1 9

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Yennefer of Vengerberg
Just trying to figure out skin tone with watercolors. <3

Part of my ongoing Witcher project. As I play through the game, I'm stopping to paint some of the fantastic landscapes and people that make the game so vivid and organic.

4. Yennefer of Vengerberg
Self portrait for my art class. I got to use the amazing senior year photograph my friend took of me for my art final this semester. The prompt was a self portrait that "slyly suggests your astrological sign." Since the Libra is the sign of Balance, I decided to break the picture into a dark and light half and actually draw the constellations in each, like Yin & Yang. I had a lot of fun with it and I'm super sad this class is ending! I really hope I can take another art class next semester to break up the MIS monotony.

Thank you all for checking it out. :)
Part of my ongoing Witcher project. As I play through the game, I'm stopping to paint some of the fantastic landscapes and people that make the game so vivid and organic.

2. Velen - Johnny

Painted with gouache.

Moreau. Jeff Moreau.

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 20, 2012, 4:53 PM
This journal skin is amazing. I love it!!!


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